Absolute Rotary Inductosyn® Transducer

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All Inductosyn® position transducers can provide absolute position data if the required range of absolute measurement is less than one electrical cycle.  Often, the range of absolute measurement must be a full revolution, 360°, or a significant portion of the revolution.  Transducers with only one or two electrical cycles per revolution are not capable of providing high accuracy or high resolution; therefore the solution is to incorporate multiple patterns on one unit.

There are two common design approaches to these units.  The first combines a coarse one cycle pattern with a fine multi-cycle pattern.  The outputs of each pattern are digitized and combined in synchronization or "correlation" logic to provide an output that is both accurate and absolute.

The second approach uses an N/N-1 method which features two multi-cycle patterns that differ by one cycle over the range of absolute measurement.  The outputs of these two patterns are digitized and subtracted.   The result of this subtraction is digital coarse data which is then combined with one of the digitized fine outputs to provide an output that is again accurate and absolute.

Farrand supplies electronics, described in the Accessories page, to provide the absolute digital output.


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